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You Are The Power

A friend posted, based on the Democratic VP announcement, his worries that Donald Trump has altered the culture of the Presidency from "... a respectful, same-team type of discourse (boorish as it may have been) to an immediate series of ugly, ad-hominem character attacks; the uglier, the better" and that many people, particularly his supporters, adulate him for it. He goes on to wish that more people would simply acknowledge how caustic Trump's corruption of our politics has been to all of us, and suggests that the GOP party members dismiss this man and promote someone who not only serves the conservative agenda, but also serves an American agenda.

Personally, I could not care any less who was selected as the Democratic VP candidate (which prompted Trump's diatribe); it has simply been a mental exercise for me. But there is a harsh reality to my friend's candid assessment, as the commentary coming from the White House on that announcement continues to debase the level of general discourse within not just this country, but in the view of the entire world.

To paraphrase from an old movie, "It's not enough simply to be the President, they must look and act like one. They must become the symbol of all that is best about America, and must, in the harsh light of public scrutiny, exhibit all of our virtues and none of our shortcomings." In my opinion, neither Biden nor Trump come close to that ideal.

Many of the comments that I have heard from Trump supporters claim that "he's just like us; he doesn't put on a pretense of gentility, he's just himself; he says what he thinks, and does what he says he's going to do" as if that level of personality is something to which one should aspire. If his being a "regular guy" is all that matters to you as a supporter, then I think you are doing yourself and your country a grave disservice. While those statements may be accurate (I don't see it, but others seem to), people in general want to see our leaders as 'better than we are ourselves'. In my opinion, Donald Trump exhibits all of the worst traits that Americans have. Instead of raising the level of discourse within American politics, he has set the bar so low that all anyone has to do to clear it is not trip over it, and yet he still seems to manage to consistently do exactly that.

Donald Trump and the Republicans appear to be looking at the past. If you look at Trump's cult of personality, they are generally a group who remember with longing (or have heard stories about) a time when America was not only revered, but feared, and he has promised them that he will return America to that level of admiration. But the world has changed, and they have not. Trump and his followers want the world the way that it used to be, and they will do whatever they can to get it back to that romanticized image.

But Joe Biden is not any better. I will grant you that he is not as boorish as Donald Trump, but his character still leaves much to be desired. His personal and professional statements of over four decades show evidence of an elitism that believes some people, his people, are better than others, and that if you fall into what he believes are the lower castes, he doesn't care what you have to say. His personality characteristics, which have been highlighted over the past year, only exemplify this elitism.

Joe Biden and the Democrats also appear to be looking at the past, but they are doing so with an eye to re-write that past to make it conform to the present. They appear to want esoteric things like equity for everyone, which is admirable but subjective. You can be different unless you break their rules, and if you do break them, they will make more rules to cover what wasn't covered before. Except that they aren't rules, they're laws, and they will make as many laws as they need in order to force everyone into that mold that they see as their utopian society. Unfortunately, that society is also authoritarian. "Don't think for yourselves, we will do your thinking for you." They don't want America to be the way that it was; they want it to be the way that they think it should be.

Jo Jorgensen and the Libertarians aren't looking at the past; we are looking at the present. We see that America has the potential to become great again, but that "greatness" looks different now because the world is different now. We don't want to re-write the past; we want to leave it back there and write a new future starting now. There's nothing that makes America great anymore, except you. We don't want to do it for you, we want you to do it for yourselves. We want you to stop being scared of the past and of the future, and to take back the control you once had to determine your own future, your own fate, both individually and as a nation. It won't be easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

You have the power to make the future - and the nation - whatever you want it to be, so what do you want?

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