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2-Minute Elevator Pitch

2-Minute Pitch Video

Link to PBS site video: (scroll down to Dallas/Fort Worth, US House: Texas District 24)

2-minute Elevator Pitch Transcript:

In a culture that revels in the number of choices we have for so many things, why are we limited to only two political parties to choose from?

Hello, I am Darren Hamilton, and I am running for Congress in the 24th District of Texas. I am a data analyst and statistician by profession. As an analyst, I look at past information to suggest potential future trends, and what I see for the citizens of District 24 - and for the nation - worries me greatly. I am also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, having served as an enlisted man for 8 years. If there is one thing that Marines know how to do, it's fight for a cause that we hold sacred, and for me, that cause is to return congressional representation to you, the people of District 24. This is how the Founding Fathers intended government to be: that the people should decide the laws, not political parties.

The single most important idea that I bring to Congress as your representative is 'compromise'. Compromise allows you and I to work together so that we have tough border security AND a hard-working immigrant citizen population; to lead the world in clean energy production AND to protect our environment for our children and grandchildren; to drive down healthcare costs, to keep insurance private AND to ensure that no one (regardless of citizenship status) goes without adequate healthcare; to protect our rights under the Second Amendment AND to ensure that dangerous weapons are withheld from those who shouldn't have them.

If you don't know who to vote for, or believe that your vote won't count, consider the most vulnerable person you know and vote in their best interest. Remember, the best way to change government is to take part in it. On November 3rd, vote FOR something you believe in, not AGAINST something that you don't.

I'm Darren Hamilton, the Libertarian candidate for Texas District 24, and I approve this message.

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