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About Me

First, let me be very clear: I am not a politician. I am a data analyst, statistician, and database architect. I have no intention of babbling about my positions on the issues without considering the issue myself, and I am not above admitting when I am wrong. 

I am also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps having served for 8 years as an enlisted man. During that time, I was deployed twice: the first to Japan, and the second to Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield (later Operation Desert Storm). If there's one thing Marines know how to do, it's fight for a cause that we hold sacred, and for me, that cause is to reject what I have observed as the political extremism of the "Old Parties" and return congressional representation to a more publicly centered influence. The people should decide the laws, not political parties.

Libertarians like me believe that each person is unique -- an individual with individual needs, thoughts, and dreams, and individual responsibilities. As such, we believe that you are the best person to decide what to do for you and your family, not big government. Libertarians believe that, as long as Americans are not harming others, they should be free to live their lives and pursue their own interests free from intrusion or interference by big government into their personal lives, family lives, and business decisions. 

Let me also assure you that I am not blinded by naivete, or by wearing rose-colored lenses. Being a candidate from a political third party, it is fairly obvious that I am facing a nearly overwhelming challenge simply to mount an effective campaign. This makes a "grass roots" campaign more difficult -- but not impossible. It just requires a little "outside-of-the-box" (or, more to the point, outside of the district) thinking.


Why My Candidacy is Different

Libertarians refer to the Democratic and Republican parties as the "Old Parties". They are sedimentary behemoths who do not believe in compromise despite all of their rhetoric to the contrary.

That's an advantage that I bring to District 24; compromise.

Compromise allows us (you and I)

  • to work together on our crumbling infrastructure to build and repair bridges, roads, and even schools.
  • to have both tough border security AND a hard-working immigrant/citizen population.
  • to lead the world in clean energy production AND protect our environment for future generations.
  • to drive down healthcare costs, keep private insurance AND ensure that no one (regardless of citizenship status) goes without adequate healthcare.
  • to protect our rights under the Second Amendment AND ensure that dangerous weapons are withheld from those who should not have them.

If you are as tired as I am of the Old Parties bickering about their respective "righteousness", and are eager to solve problems instead of creating new ones to bicker about, then I would appreciate your consideration and support. On November 3, you will have a choice to vote for more of the status quo, or for someone who can actually get things done. Choose wisely.


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