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Metropolitan Looting and Rioting

If there's one thing that riots (in general) have shown us, it's that most (certainly not all, but more than a few) modern government administrators fear a public who is frustrated and angry. It doesn't seem to matter to them why the public feels the way it does (i.e., the source of their frustration) other than being able to point to a specific event as the "cause of the recent unrest". These same fearful government administrators are also quick to point their fingers across the political aisle accusing anyone other than themselves of being responsible for the public frustration and anger, and therefore equally responsible for the destruction and property loss incurred by the riot.

But amid all of the accusations and partisan rhetoric, what nobody seems to see is that both of the Old Parties are working toward the same goal; they're just coming at it from different directions. Obviously, I cannot provide "proof" of this accusation, only evidence that seems to support the hypothesis. I guess it's up to you to decide their veracity (or lack of it).

Let's begin with the Democrats. Even as recently as this most recent primary election season, one of the major issues of the Democratic platform, and one in which even Democratic candidates in my district (one of whom I will be running against later this year) were calling for was "gun control". Typically, Democrats and Democrat-leaning advocates stand opposed to the wholesale interpretation of the rights allowed by the Second Amendment, and the issue was brought up repeatedly during the primaries by Democratic candidates at almost all levels. Their collective message wasn't only about regulation of military-style weaponry in the hands of civilians, it was also about ammunition, waiting periods, governmental background checks, and (if I recall correctly) even psychiatric evaluations to be completed before allowing any person to purchase anything more powerful than a slingshot. One phrase that I frequently heard about this issue from that group was "only the police and the military should have access to these kinds of weapons".

Conversely, we are asked to listen to the Republicans, who generally advocate the wholesale interpretation of the rights allowed of the Second Amendment. But for them, this is not about Second Amendment rights, it's about how to effectively maintain order (not necessarily "peace") against a (possibly) heavily-armed public. Their answer seems to be to militarize the police by using the thinking "if they have weapons, we need to make sure ours are bigger and that we are better trained". If you take a simple poll of current and former police officers from ANY metropolitan area, I suspect that you will find a large percentage of the force are military veterans, particularly from the Army and the Marines. (I was heavily recruited by three different police forces after leaving the Marine Corps.) And what response have we seen from the Republicans and Republican-leaning advocates with regard to the riots over the past few days? Well, they want to protect the public and protect private property from those who are, in this situation, inciting riots against the police by - wait for it - calling in an even more militarized group - the actual military in the form of each state's National Guard. I have personally heard suggestions like "arrest and detain everyone regardless of their level of participation, then sort them out later." And where do they want to contain all of these people? Someplace where they cannot escape and possibly hurt someone else: Colorado's SuperMax or Cuba's Guantanamo Bay.

Each of these ideas is literally only a few steps away from the same goal: an authoritarian police-state government. And given the events of the past few days, a vast majority of the population are going to accept it when it is offered.

But, as I pointed out at the beginning of this article, none of these actions addresses the why any of these events are happening. Some people will point to the death of one man as the cause. Others will point to the systemic militarization of the police as a cause. Still others will point to a long-standing, pernicious tide of subjugation as the cause. Well, folks, I'm writing this to tell you what the actual cause is. (Some of you will understand where I am coming from; most of you won't.) Ready?

It's me. I am the cause.

I am the reason why there is rioting in the streets of most of our metropolises, why the police have been upscaling their militarization, why the real military is being called in to quell a civil uprising in multiple cities, why there has been a continually exacerbated undercurrent of racism that has gone unchecked over the past 30-40 years, and why we are only a few short steps away from an authoritarian police-state government. 

So, go ahead and try to point to any other cause if that makes you feel better, but I'm here to tell you it's all on me.

Prove me wrong.

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