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This page features my positions on issues relevant to our community at large.

Term Limits

If it's been necessary for the Executive since 1951, why not for the Legislative? (Read More)

Electoral College Reform

Yes, the Electoral College has its problems, but that does not mean it should be eliminated altogether. Instead, I believe it should be returned to some of its original design parameters.

(Read More)

Health Care vs Healthcare

"Health care" may be a right, but "healthcare" is not. In a free society, no one has the right to demand services from anyone else.

(Read More)

Student Loan Debt

An education does not guarantee success, and programs exist where a student can repay a loan without "crippling debt".

(Read More)

Immigration Reform

The Old Parties will never agree on "comprehensive immigration reform" because they look at the issue from wildly divergent perspectives, and will not accept a 'middle-ground' solution.

(Read More)

Ballot Access

Here in Texas, the "Old Parties" have tried to limit third-party candidate from even appearing on the general election ballot by using a "pay-to-play" law (which is arguably both corrupt and illegal).

(Read More)

COVID-19 - Re-Open the Economy

There's a the need to restore the country's economic condition, but we still need to take necessary precautions. Make no mistake; the country will not be returning to "business as usual" after this crisis has passed. 


(Read More)

Voter Registration

Some political ideologues believe that requiring a valid ID to vote is discriminatory; others do not. But voter registration is NOT about discrimination, it's about the issues that affect the voters in the areas where they live. (Read More)

Decriminalizing Drugs

Those areas where drugs have been decriminalized have demonstrated that it is possible, even beneficial, to do so. (Read More)

The 2020 Census is Important for Texans

For one thing, the only way to find out how many congressmen Texas gets to have is to count the people in Texas. (Read More)

Global Climate Change and the Green New Deal

It's the people who need to do the work to correct climate change. The government should only be an intermediary. (Read More)

Homelessness and Veterans' Issues

It's difficult for me to separate these two issues from each other, so I will not try to do so. (Read More)

Dallas Morning News Questionnaire (Aug-2020)

I received this questionnaire directly from The Dallas Morning News in mid-August 2020. (Read More)

Green Energy, and Nuclear Power

There are several areas where the U.S. can maintain a reliable, low-cost supply of energy, but there is one thing it cannot do; presume that any one single source will work for everyone. (Read More)

Combatting Racism

I was taught, both as a child and as a Marine, that 'racism is a disease', and it needs to be treated as such. When you really get down to its roots, racism (and all of its varied cousins) is simply "fear" dressed up as "hate".  (Read More)

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