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The Democrats and Joe Biden

For my Democrat and Democrat-leaning friends, other than the fact that he is not Donald Trump (and most of us aren't), what makes you believe that Joe Biden would make a better president? I ask this because if all you are looking at is November and not afterward, you are myopic. Take a look at this article to see the man you are saying would be a "better president". 

The article is a complete Sanders-loving, Biden-bashing article written during the recent Democratic primaries, but it makes one single point relatively clear. While the common Democratic thought is that "...'any Democrat in the White House is better than Trump' ... if you are going to make a clear case against [Donald] Trump, you need to be free of the kinds of dirt that will muddy your case." "Trump's specialty is brutal attacks on DC politicians, which he does with a knack for entertainment that those who come out of the Senate instead of television can hardly hope to match." His attacks have already started, and I guarantee that Trump (or his handlers) will be digging up more damning evidence than what is outlined in the referenced article, and will use that evidence between now and November to mercilessly mock both Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

But here's a novel "what if": What if, instead of simply choosing someone whom you believe will be able to beat Donald Trump in the fall, you decided to use the power of your vote to choose the person that you think would make the best president? I believe that person to be Dr. Jo Jorgensen, and here's why.

(For those of my friends who are not Democrats or Democrat-leaning voters, the following is an incomplete listing of some of the general ideas that Democrats believe - and Democrats, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong on any of these topics.) Democrats, as a general rule, deplore racism, sexism, and general inequality. They believe that people shouldn't die because they cannot afford healthcare, and are disturbed by needless destructive wars. They believe that climate change is a real and urgent issue, and they believe that social programs like Medicare and Social Security are vital for keeping senior citizens comfortable in their golden years. They believe that the criminal justice system can be (but isn't always) harsh and excessive, that a woman's right to choose for herself is paramount, and that corporations should not take advantage of vulnerable people. They might not consider themselves "socialist" (in the loosest sense of the term), but they do see how life for working Americans can be brutal and unfair, and they believe that it's the government's job to do something about it.

With the noted exceptions of a woman's right to choose for herself being paramount, and that it's the government's job to do something about it, Dr. Jorgensen has outlined her positions on most of these topics, and I believe that they would easily mesh with whatever you believe on them. But see for yourself at

But if you still believe that "any Democrat in the White House is better than Trump", or that Joe Biden would actually make a better president, then by all means, cast your vote for him, but caveat emptor because as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for".

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